Monday, October 30, 2017

Water in Perry Creek Long Past Usual

The last time I wrote (And once again, way too long ago.) we were in the middle of the wettest year our property has seen in the 20 years we've owned it. The 1997-1998 El Nino year we got right at 68" of rain. That is almost twice the normal 35". This year we finished with right at 80" of rain. That's good for several reasons.

Our mountain fissures and aquifers have replenished from the drought. The creeks and rivers were well above their usual flow. That helped make for some outstanding photo opportunities. Here's one place we've never seen like this before.

This is on Ostrum Rd. between Shenandoah Valley Rd. (at Sobon Vineyards) and Fiddletown. Usually in the winter this might have a babbling brook look, not this river. It wasn't here for long, but what a pretty sight while it lasted.

The water table is once again normal and the forecast is for a normal rain this season. Living in the Fair Play Appellation (AVA) we know the grape growers and wineries are quite satisfied with the water and overall weather the past few months. The harvest for some wineries is still going on with great yield and the quality seems excellent. That's one thing we have to wait on for almost a year for white wines and years for the robust reds.

At the bottom of the hill from the B&B is Perry Creek: what a show it put on for months and months. The sound was incredible, the roar of water 24 hours a day for months on end. We've never heard it like that. Here's some photos that give just a little hint of what it was like in Perry Creek.

Perry Creek divides our property almost in half. The right side of this photo is "the other side", where we haven't been for many years. The Miner's Dam creates this pretty waterfall.

This crevasse is about 20' deep and 3' wide with it running the width of our property.

You can get to these granite outcroppings from a couple ways once you get to the creek area. No matter which way you go, its pretty and an enjoyable little hike.

....'Til Next Time.